Third Sunday Lord’s Table November

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Third Sunday – November 2017

Our second  installment of the Third Sunday Lord’s Table was held during our November 19 worship service.  The focus this month was on local homelessness and focused not just on those who are living on the streets in our local area but also on the idea of ‘housing insecurity’ which affects a great number of people due to an abject lack of affordable housing.  The ‘table’ for the service was constructed of a doorway on which was posted a fictitious notice of a two bedroom apartment for rent with the additional instruction that it would hold a maximum of six families.  Unfortunately this is how many localities are dealing with the influx of recent immigrants to our region – effectively turning a blind eye to housing violations to excuse themselves from responsibly dealing with the actual needs for safe, healthy, and affordable housing for our friends and neighbors.



The ‘table’ also included a large cardboard box signifying the fact that some still do live out on the ‘highways and byways’ of our community subject to vagaries of winter weather, crime, and generally unhealthy conditions.  For more insight refer to the November 19th post of ‘The Pastor’s Pen’.

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