Soup Kitchen Progress

Soup Kitchen Update! July 2022

Soup Kitchen Update!

Just wanted to share with you all, that great progress is being made in converting the downstairs of our Grange building into a Community Soup Kitchen and small venue space. For the past 5 weeks we have had a group of 12-15 college age volunteers from Hadar School in Manhattan come over each Friday afternoon to help us prepare and paint the two large downstairs rooms. This is the first step in being able to put down new floors before beginning installation of the equipment we have been sourcing to complete our BOH Approved Commercial Kitchen. We are hoping to be able to start serving our community homemade soups and fresh-baked bread this fall, and are so appreciative of everyone’s support.

Our Sweepstakes Fundraiser is ongoing with the $2,500 prize drawing scheduled for September 18th – thanks to all who have been participating in this effort as well. Sweepstakes tickets may be bought online on FaceBook or on the church website (

See below some photos of all the beautiful work done by our Friday volunteers, as well as a group picture taken on the last day of their help! Thanks so much Hadar! We look forward to breaking bread with you when you come back next year!

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