R³ – ‘R cubed’ – May 2018

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IMG_20180508_144230 (1)

Patterson Community Church

Affirmation of Inclusion

Assured that the love of our Lord is without condition and called to extend the same, we welcome people of every race and nation, of every age and gender, of every sexual orientation and socioeconomic standing, and with every level and variety of ability to join with us in pursuing the graceful ‘kindom’ of our Lord


Our deepest gratitude to Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz who helped us to move from the dominant language of ‘Kingdom’ over to the loving concept of God’s ‘kindom’.


What is an ‘Open Church’?

An ‘Open Church’ is a church fellowship and family who knows and affirms that God’s love towards humankind is total and unconditional. We stand with all those who feel that the table of our Lord is an open table that welcomes and has room for everyone who comes seeking.  Absolutely all are welcome to join with us in worship and fellowship as together we seek to bear witness of that same unconditional love and compassion to the world in which we find ourselves.  No one will ever be excluded from faithfully seeking God alongside of us.

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