Pic(k) of the Week – June 3rd, 2018


‘Pic(k)’ of the Week for the week of June 3rd, 2018

            Ta-da!!  This past week we harvested our first crop of the season – 25+ pounds of fresh delicious snow peas.  These went on sale Saturday at our Blue Door Thrift Shop and flew out the door much faster than it took to pick them all!  We look forward to upcoming harvests of kale, lettuce, green beans, and spinach all of which are already in the ground and growing well.

Also this past week we put in some new raised beds across the front of the garden, both to serve as a great place to start the carrots as well as to provide a barrier for critters who might enjoy our veggies as well.  In addition we prepped the ground inside the greenhouse for our tomatoes and tilled the ground behind the greenhouse where our hoop house used to be before the storm.  We plan to put in lots of peppers and eggplant in this space and to hopefully cover it with the re-built hoop house in the fall to extend the season..

In addition we have been putting a lot of work into preparing some new land we have available for our program down in New City, NY.  I have included a few pictures of that very impressive garden we are so fortunate to be sharing with Stony Point Conference Center.  We will be planting about 8500 sq. feet of additional garden space there with summer and winter squash, beans, tomatoes, and other crops to add to our harvest selection throughout the season.

And as I write this on Monday morning while watching the rain fall on our very dry and thirsty gardens, and as I reflect on the power and fury of the storm just a few weeks back I am so grateful that as much as we have no control over the winds and the rain, our faith and perseverance is always rewarded by the One who blesses us that we might bless others…remember…folks who farm together, grow together!

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