Pic(k) of the Week – April 15, 2018


Pic(k)’ of the Week for the week of April 15, 2018

          Whew it has been a bit since I last shared with you what has been going on with the farm project!  Probable due in part to Holy Week and Easter being so busy around here but also due to the fact that ‘old man winter’ came back with such force and fury at the end of March and even unto this week after the teaser warm days late last week.

We did have a bit of a setback the week before last when we had that late night wind storm that blew thru and destroyed the smaller hoop house, ripping the cover in pieces and requiring major repair that we are just getting to this week.  But inside the larger greenhouse we have marched bravely on, peas now about 6” high and beans getting ready to poke their heads out of the soil.  In addition, as you can see from the pictures, we have lots and lots of seedlings up including lettuce, broccoli, swiss-chard, cabbage, onions, kales, basil, and more.

So while the weather may delay our first harvests this spring we are feeling pretty good right now with all that refuses to bow down to the cold or wind.  Hang in there with us, the harvest will come and the abundance will follow!…remember, folks who farm together, grow together!


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