Big Thrift Shop Sale to Support Harvey Relief


IMG_20170830_131551Big Thrift Shop Sale to support Hurricane Harvey Relief.

Saturday September 2nd and Saturday September 9th from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Come to our Special Thrift Shop Sale to support relief efforts in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey.  The Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston has opened its doors as a shelter and we will send any money raised during our September 2nd and September 9th sales to the church to support its efforts in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Blue Door Thrift Shop – End of Season Sale!!!

Every Fall and Spring we offer a huge sale as we prepare to change over our clothing line for the upcoming season.  The sale features a $3 all-the-clothes-you-can-fit in a bag, or $6 per box for all of the housewares, dishes etc. you can fit into it.

We were trying to find a way to help out our brothers and sisters in need down in the Houston, Texas area and considered sending these clothes down to them.  However it quickly became apparent that they had all the locally donated clothes they needed and so we contacted a sister church in Houston that had opened their doors as a shelter and offered to send them the proceeds from the sale instead.

Every dollar we receive over the next two Saturdays during our fall  bag/box sale will be sent to Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston to help them provide for those so much in need.  Your support and patronage is so greatly appreciated as we seek to partner in loving one another as we have been loved…thank you


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