A prayer from Jim Lowe – March 29,2020


Good morning Lord,

It’s been a long week Lord. And your children are filled with fear and worry. Our current lifestyle has taken loneliness and despair to a new level and in some people, is removing hope.  Lord we are used to change, but the world has turned upside down.
The sun during the day and the stars at night, are gifts that add hope and peacefulness to this crazy, insane life right now.

Lord I ask that you guide the minds of those people who are trying so hard to put an end to this, and to make sure we don’t forget this moment in time. Lord place the warmth of your love in the hearts of those who are feeling lonely and afraid.
As for me, every day is different now. And as long as I have this opportunity to ask for your forgiveness and your understanding, I will do just that.

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