A letter from the pastor… March 23, 2020


A letter from the pastor…                                               March 23, 2020

As we seek our way in this strange new world of social distancing and mandatory ‘shelter in place’ orders, it seems to be much more difficult to be the ‘Church’ our Lord called us to be.  We have become so used to doing all we can for one another, to working side by side to meet the needs of our community and comfort one another with a kind word or warm embrace.  And as we approach Holy Week, the longing for return to some sense of normalcy grows ever stronger, at times even causing us to question if we really need to be this careful.

Yes, we do…we really do need to continue to work as one in following the guidance we have been given that is intended to stop, or at least slow down the scourge that is upon us.  And unfortunately, the virus seems to pose the greatest danger to those among us who need care, connection, and comfort most of all. Predictions about the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ are beginning to gain traction even as there is no indication whatsoever that it is safe to do so.

Yet in this new and bewildering place, our Lord is still our God, and still our Lord of love.  And still watching over us and seeking to guide us during this time of pause and perhaps…reset and renewal.  While we find it necessary to spend time apart and to ‘go to church’ on YouTube, we all still possess the power and comfort of prayer, which truly is the surest way to stay connected, both to God and to one another.  And there are many who need our prayers in this time, many who are working tirelessly to administer health care and emergency services, as well as so many who have already felt the agony of loss caused by the virus, or the pain of isolation and dislocation.

So, as we walk in these new and different ways, at least for a time, let us all covenant to pray for one another, to check in frequently with one another by phone, text, or other safe means.  Let us take a breath and breathe deeply of this moment, a moment that has given us the time to stop for a moment…to rest, to be renewed…and as Paul encouraged us, to ‘Give thanks in all circumstances’…for while the actual light at the end of this long tunnel of pain and suffering may be far in the distance, the light of Christ within our hearts still shines brightly each and every moment we remember to love one another…even from a distance…

…pastor David

For now, our original website is a listing of the ways we were being ‘church’, and the ways in which we wait patiently to return to.  Timely words and thoughts, as well as prayers and the YouTube link to our weekly worship service can now be found here at the top of our webpage.  In the days to come we will be posting new information here, as well as on Facebook.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

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