Pic(k) of the Week – March 12, 2018

‘Pic(k)’ of the Week for the week of March 12, 2018

Well…as you can see from the pictures of late the weather is slowing us down just a bit.  However life goes on unabated as we continue to prep for a wonderful season to come.  And as you can also see from the pictures, the peas we planted have started to peek through the soil in the greenhouse.  It won’t be long before we install the trellis for them so they can climb up and fill out.  I decided to hold off on other seeding because the weather has been not only snowy but persistently cold.  I need around 40 degrees to successfully germinate a lot of the crops I plan to seed…maybe this week or early next week it will turn a bit warmer.  Until then, continue with me to wish in warm and beautiful weather! …remember, folks who farm together, grow together!

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