The Pastor’s Pen


Below is a collection of recent Sunday writings from our Pastor.  Click on the title to view in the blog.  If you want to see all writings, select the ‘Church Blog’ from the menu above.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

  • The Pastor’s Pen – March 11, 2018 - "For John 3:17 tells us in no uncertain terms that God did not send Jesus in order to condemn the world…but rather…in order that the world might be saved through him. God sent Jesus…to save us from ourselves, from our own worst impulses, from our tendency to divide rather than unify, from our penchant to seek only to save ourselves rather than to do the harder work of loving one another…"
  • The Pastor’s Pen – March 4, 2018 - … the love of our God is far, far greater than our ability to discourage or lessen it…and the forgiveness and mercy God extends towards each one of us comes from the very nature of this God of love…and also, and perhaps quite importantly so, the wrathful and condemning images and understandings so many ascribe to our God are a distortion of and rebuke of the true loving essence of this one we worship and seek to follow after.
  • The Pastor’s Pen – February 25, 2018 - However it is a choice each one of us is asked to make at some point…a choice to seek to gain the world at the cost of truly living…or to seek to live…no matter the cost of truly loving…
  • The Pastor’s Pen – February 11, 2018 - Be patient and persistent for God’s blessing… February 11, 2018 Scriptures: 2 Kings 2:1-12, Mark 9:2-9 Have you ever had a moment when you wish you could just put time […]
  • The Pastor’s Pen – February 18, 2018 - …when I was a stranger February 18, 2018  Scripture: portions of Matthew 25 That scripture from Matthew 25 which recounts the events in Jesus’ life just prior to his betrayal […]
  • The Pastor’s Pen – February 4, 2018 - …is your way ever truly hidden from the Lord? February 4, 2018   Scripture: Isaiah 40:21-31,Psalm 147:1-3, 6, 10-11 Who is it…in whom I believe?  Who is this one who […]
  • The Pastor’s Pen – January 28, 2018 - …a saving word…a saving glance January 28, 2018 Scripture: Mark 1:21-28 Our passage from Mark today is from the first chapter, at the beginning of the gospel account. Mark opens […]
  • The Pastor’s Pen – January 21, 2018 - Creation is groaning… January 21, 2018 Today is our Third Sunday Lord’s Table celebration.  Each month we choose a social or cultural challenge topic for deeper consideration. In past months […]
  • The Pastor’s Pen – January 14, 2018 - …amazing stories January 14, 2018   Scripture:1 Samuel 3:1-10 I have always thought this story of the call from the Lord to the young boy Samuel was interesting due to […]
  • The Pastor’s Pen – January 7, 2018 - …at its heart, it is good! January 7, 2018 Scripture: Genesis 1:1-5 In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness […]

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